April starts with a group giveaway!

March has been quite a month. As well as getting this website up and running, I also finished proofing the first two stories in the Backdoor Angels Short Stories series and uploaded them to a couple of funky promo sites.

And April kicks off with a ‘Science fiction extravaganza’ group promotion featuring Imperfectly Deadly, the first of the pair. With a total of some fifty titles on offer in the giveaway, there’s bound to be something there for everyone with a taste for sci-fi in its many different flavours! The link is:


There is such a thing as a free book! Go and grab one!

2 thoughts on “April starts with a group giveaway!”

    1. The trouble with posts is that the go out of date – and links included in them sometimes expire! But “Imperfectly Deadly” is now available in the Kindle store, and it’s only 99 cents/pence etc.

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