Welcome to the world of the Backdoor Angels!

In the year 2165 there are still people who can’t be bought or frightened off. But they are a dying breed.

The author of the Backdoor Angels series (Photo: In Santander, a long way from a drum kit …)

Matthew Kipwell

It’s been a long road. A couple of years ago, I found a folder on an old external hard drive. In it was a document with the outline of some kind of story. The document was last modified in 2009! The story has changed since then. So have most other things.

This website is essentially a commitment – to finish what I’ve started! – and a summary of where we are. Keep your eyes on the numbers below. By December 2025, the second number should be zero!


4 novellas and 3 novels!


Books to go!


First full-length novel in the series, and available in Kindle Store!

Second novel on Kindle!

We have to let the technology know that it’s working for us and not vice versa.

Roland Fairweather, 2165-05-13