Books in the Backdoor Angels series (in chronological order)

Imperfectly Deadly

Blue eyes like diamonds, a body that was too good to be true, and exactly the kind of encounter Roland wasn’t looking for.

Roland and his team – with a little help from a virtual colleague fondly known as Saint Anthony – confound their counterparts over at the Met by finding an unexpected link between two homicides in the London area and a series of unexplained fatal accidents in more distant locations.

But while Mar from the Prosecution Service is impressed both by Roland’s powers of observation and his agility, the chief almost has to look away as his protegee seems destined to become the latest victim of an expert and cold-hearted murderer.

A standalone adventure and a short and pacy introduction to the Backdoor Angels series.

Mar is hoping to clear a famous family name, but Ginger wants her to star in his happening, and Roland thinks they are chasing wild geese until the Count says it’s time to feed his ‘cats’.

Roland’s unit has traced the last of three illegal androids to a Russian mafia boss based in Marbella on the south coast of Spain. Mar thinks he may be ‘friendly’ and has somehow managed to get herself an invite to talk to him about the origin of the package.

She isn’t sure why Roland’s boss has chosen him, rather than a real cop, to accompany her on the mission or why Roland volunteered. Both questions will be answered when the Russian gets bored with the ‘adult’ party games and the ginger-haired young man visiting from John Company’s HQ on the Moon turns nasty.

But by the end of the trip, Mar is more concerned about their chances of getting home alive.

In the year 2165 there are still people who can’t be bought or frightened off. But they are a dying breed.

In the face of increasing corruption at the heart of all the major institutions, fostered and exploited by the omnipresent and untouchable Superior Planets Company, a group of like-minded public servants set up an unorthodox police unit – nicknamed the ‘VIPs’ by their colleagues in the Metropolitan police – with the aim of seeking usable evidence of crimes in the digital realm.

Within the team of brilliant hackers, Detective Sergeant Roland Fairweather stands out for being entirely unremarkable, and yet he somehow finds himself landed with the job of helping a glamorous Italian footballer escape from pursuit by the police, thus leading the VIPs into the murky twilight of not-quite-legal behaviour.

A series of apparently unconnected fatal ‘accidents’ follow in rapid succession, each victim closer to home, and as his terrified colleagues and their friends are hunted like the tame pheasants set loose for the shooting season, the chief, for reasons known only to himself, plunges Roland into the unsavoury world of weapons development, interrogation techniques and murder investigation.

But will any of it help Roland when John Company’s assassins finally come knocking on his door?

A poisoned chalice and another runner. A rendezvous that was never meant to happen, and a desperate struggle to prevent an act of genocide.

A new recruit at the Superior Planets Company complex on the Moon turns into a liability for his employer when he sees something he shouldn’t have seen, but the accident gives vice-chairman Peterson a wicked idea.

The Purple Queen, self-appointed leader of a group of anti-Company hackers calling themselves the Backdoor Angels, calls on the media’s favourite outlaws Roland and Red to meet the latest fugitive and receive the mysterious data storage device he has ‘stolen’.

But Red is unhappy that she wasn’t first choice as team leader, and Roland wants to know why Mar, his ‘ex’, and the interplanetary peacekeeping force known as the Lions also end up on distant Enceladus at exactly the same time.

Will they find out too late that, instead of speculating about the real target of the vice-chairman’s latest scheme, they should be asking themselves who and what isn’t in his sights?

The second, standalone novel in the Backdoor Angels series and an ideal introduction to the saga!

As head chef at an exclusive restaurant on Ganymede, Roland makes both friends and enemies when he insists that the waitress is not on the menu.

Roland is on Ganymede trying to keep a low profile impersonating an irritating but successful chef, almost as famous for his loud shirts as for his culinary creations based on fresh and exotic ‘cultivated’ products. Everything works fine until he becomes involved in a fatal accident, makes friends with members of the local co-op, and is persuaded to concoct a dangerous plan to help them in their ongoing battles with the consortium who run the neighbouring town known as The Big G.

With a magician and a glamorous waitress in his team, not to mention two talented hackers, all he has to do is clean out a group of visiting gangsters and a famous hitman in the monthly poker game at the Great Red Spot Casino. And make it look like he was working alone. And then disappear before the casino security chief and ex-bounty hunter finds out who he really is and shoots him on sight.